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Latest News

  • Here’s why you should vote for Simon Collins in Podsmead on 25th July

    Simon Collins recently took over as Chairman of UKIP’s Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury branch. He is our candidate in Podsmead in the Gloucester City Council by-election on 25th May. His work as a mortgage advisor keeps him in touch with the public and the real issues faced by ordinary people....
  • Letter to the press from UKIP’s Peter Barnes

    The following letter from Peter Barnes was recently published in the local press: What the net immigration figures really mean The EU is a “busted flush”, otherwise last year’s  ONS Statistics would not record 74,000 more EU citizens coming to the UK than leaving for other EU countries, because life is better here. ...
  • Lawrence Webb: Our Number One South West MEP candidate

    Since becoming a member of UKIP Lawrence has stood in each and every election that he was eligible for – a tally of 17 or more occasions. In 2012 he was UKIP’s London Mayoral candidate. In 2013 Lawrence became the first UKIP councillor elected in London, and he was re-elected...
  • South West MEP candidate profile: Tony McIntyre

    Tony McIntyre has been with UKIP for many years, and is a much liked figure in the party. We asked him why he is standing in the European elections. Here’s what he said: “I decided to put myself forward as a candidate for the European Elections when I realised that...

    We reproduce the following by kind permission of Jerry Wraith, Chairman, UKIP Salisbury 1 UK BALANCE OF TRADE Before the UK joined the EEC in 1973 UK trade with “Europe” was roughly in balance. However, since the UK joined the EEC in 1973 UK total balance of trade up to 2017, has...
  • UKIP Gloucestershire supports Neil Hamilton in Newport West by-election

    UKIP members from Gloucestershire were in Newport on 4th April to support Neil Hamilton in the Newport West by-election. South West Chairman Richard Ford, Brian Cooke, John Owen and Peter Barnes were among those who made the trip to Wales, as well as Young Independence members Matt Young and Lee...