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Latest News

  • Will Gloucester Tories do the Honourable Thing?

    The Daily Telegraph Chief Political Correspondent reported (15 February) that Gloucester’s Tory MP supported Dominic Grieve’s Brexit wrecking amendment in the House of Commons which was thankfully defeated. Did he really think his constituents would not discover his treachery? We all know he supported Remain at the Referendum which he...
  • Doxing Tommy Robinson – What’s in a Name?

    Every time Tommy Robinson hits the news, we’re told that it isn’t his real name. His real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon. Why do they keep telling us? His book Enemy of the People explains it all: he was born Stephen Yaxley, the name Lennon comes from his step dad...
  • Why I’m Not Triggered by No Deal

    On 29 March 2017 Teresa May wrote to Donald Tusk at the European Council notifying him that Britain would be leaving the EU, in accordance with article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. She notified him, and the press notified the country that article 50 had been ‘triggered’, or, depending on...
  • UKIP On The Rise

    UKIP membership is on the rise, and the party is looking very healthy despite recent resignations from a number of high-level members and MEPs. In fact, there’s a rush on to join UKIP. We have 10,000 new members since last year (estimated – official figures to be released soon). And...
  • Gloucester Bags Brexit !

    Gloucester Bags Brexit ! Success

    UKIP members gathered for an amazing day in Gloucester on Saturday 1st December, handing out free Brexit ! bags to shoppers in Eastgate Street and The Cross. The streets were busy, and the atmosphere was especially festive with the Salvation Army band playing Christmas carols nearby. The Brexit ! bags,...
  • Building Example

    Forest of Dean Investment in Industrial Units

    The Forest of Dean District Council has purchased an Industrial Unit as part of an overall investment strategy to generate revenue which will help to fund its financial challenges. This unit is based on the Lakeside Industrial Estate near Whitney in Oxfordshire and cost the authority £1.5 million pounds. Commenting...