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Download our Local Manifesto

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  1. Newport West by-election

    March 23 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  2. Newport West by-election

    March 30 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 pm

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Latest News

  • UKIP Gloucestershire in the News

    UKIP members from Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury branch hit the News At Ten in mid-March as ITV came to Cheltenham. The television crew, who were in town for the Cheltenham races, gathered a group of Leave and Remain voters to watch the meaningful vote which took place in the House...
  • Remain MP Betrays Brexit in Leave Seat

    A letter to the editor of the Gloucester Citizen from Richard Ford, UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Gloucester. Dear Madam, As the Tory Remain Prime Minister seems finally to have run down the Brexit clock we have to ask ourselves what will be the electoral consequences for a Tory party...
  • Local Elections in Gloucestershire

      UKIP Gloucestershire members are looking forward to campaigning for the local elections to be held on 2 May. A vote for your UKIP councillor is an excellent way to express dissatisfaction with the major political parties, and with the government’s mishandling of Brexit. And though UKIP has always been...
  • swamp

    It’s Time to drain the Swamp

    In 2016 Donald Trump won an election by promising to “Drain the Swamp”. “What,” people asked, “is the swamp?” Well the answer, for this country at least, has become abundantly clear, it is civil servants based here and in Brussels, answerable to no-one, who think they know better than you...

    We reproduce this excellent article with the consent of the author Jerry Wraith There are a number of MP’s of all three main parties and members of the House of Lords who are actively doing their utmost to overturn the referendum result to LEAVE the EU. The largest democratic vote...
  • Letter to Editor – Can You Ever Trust A Tory?

    A letter to the Editor of the Gloucester Citizen from Richard Ford, UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Gloucester Dear Madam, At the most recent General Election in 2017 Gloucester’s Conservative MP Richard Graham appealed to the city’s electorate to vote for him so that his party could provide “strong and...