Forty One Years in the Making

Not many people who were six years of age would have memories of the fateful day in 1973 when Britain became a member of the European Community, or Common Market as it was known then.  Those six year olds would not have listened to the arguments for and against joining or the implications of the 1972 European Communities Act, which was the Act of Parliament that the MPs at the time voted through and thus made themselves, Parliament and all future Governments impotent as, from then on, all laws made by the then EEC, now the EU, override British laws.

David Cameron,  our Prime Minister, was a child of six when one of his less than noble predecessors took Britain into the Common Market based on the lie there would be “No loss of essential sovereignty”.  Cameron has not had the chance to live any of his adult life in a self governing sovereign nation and knows nothing of what it was like to be proud to be a subject of a free nation. — The only thing Cameron seems to have learned from those days was the duplicity used by another of his predecessors, Harold Wilson, who as the Prime Minister in 1975 gave the British people a referendum based on his negotiations with the then Common Market and sold the lie he had secured a good deal for Britain and promoted remaining – the people fell for it and here we are today with Cameron selling exactly the same political snake oil as Wilson.  This brings to mind the famous quote accredited to George Santayana: “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”  Anyone who listens to Cameron and his pro-EU clique will be doomed to repeat the same dreadful error made by the nation in 1975.

So what has the now grown up David Cameron got for us, now he is in long trousers?  in reality nothing but a few vague promises that amount to very little and can still be thrown out by the MEPs and the European Court of Justice.  He has struck a deal that Britain no longer has to comply with the EU’s aim of “ever closer union”, which is odd as the other 27 EU nations will still be aiming to destroy their own nations in order for a new, monstrous superstate, to rise out of the ashes of the nations of Europe as a United States of Europe – where does Britain fit in with this plan if it does not apply to the UK?

The only good thing David Cameron has done is to give the nation a chance to correct the huge error that was made in 1975, this referendum has been  forty one years in the making.

Taken from the Euro Realist Bulletin March 2016