Amazing!! – UK doing well after Brexit

In a recent newspaper article, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron spent an entire article telling us all what a disaster we face after the vote to leave the EU a month ago. The facts are not quite as Mr Farron put them.

A report into how well the UK is doing since Brexit has shown that in fact the Bank of England tells us there is “no evidence of a slowdown in the economy”. The FTSE has reached its highest point for 11 months.

Even the International Monetary Fund, who six weeks ago were telling us stories of collapse and world ruin on Brexit, have admitted they were wrong again. No surprise there, they have been wrong many more times than right.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics show a decrease in numbers out of work while Damian Green, the Work and Pensions secretary, says that inward investments have increased since Brexit was announced particularly in the aerospace industry while massive  US banking giant Wells Fargo are to open a major new office in London.

Estate agents report an increase in the property market in some areas of up to 50 per cent.

Mr Farron made a great deal of the “EU money” but did not say that it is, in fact, some of our own money being returned to us, with ‘strings’ attached as to where and how we can spend it. The rest of our contribution is ‘lost’ in the EU’s leaky coffers, spent on (largely) vanity projects in other countries and so on.

As for his claim that the £350 million a week for the NHS has been ‘abandoned’ it was never made, even on the side of the ‘Boris bus’. What was actually said was “Let’s stop sending £350 million a week to Brussels and let’s fund the NHS instead”. This in no way suggests all that money would be going to the NHS, only some of it. It is people like Mr Farron, not Mr Johnson, who are trying to misrepresent the case. We can dispute semantics about whether or not the money is ‘sent’ but we can not dispute that Mr Farron, as with so many others on the ‘remain’ side, is simply wrong  in their claims of what was said.

Again I have to ask why is Mrs May continuing to delay triggering “Brexit”? The two years allowed by the Treaty is to sort out matters which she is trying to solve before the trigger is pulled.

There can be no genuine justification for the delays, and all these advantages of our freedom, which can only improve once we are fully outside the EU and independent again, including huge trade deals around the globe only waiting for us to leave the restricting Treaty of Rome in order to be implemented, are being put at risk by her continued, unnecessary procrastination while people like Mr Farron, forever talking our nation down, are doing us no favours either.

Photo credit: diamond geezer via / CC BY-NC-ND