Major Issues

Education and Training

It is a matter of huge concern that the state education system continues to turn out large numbers of our children who are basically unable to read and write and do basic maths. To address […]

Major Issues

The Vanishing Cop Shop

The Sunday Times reports that more than 600 police stations across England and Wales have closed since 2010. This is, reportedly, the largest closure programme in policing history. John Arle, national chair of the Police […]


Who Should Vote UKIP

As technology moves forward there will be less need for unskilled labour, low wage jobs are very often subsidised with top ups such as Working Tax Credit etc., with the workers taking more from the […]

Major Issues

Adult Social Care

The continual absence of a sustainable, long term solution has brought the adult social care and support system to breaking point. Since 2010, councils have had to bridge a £6 billion funding shortfall just to […]

EU Referendum

Forty One Years in the Making

Not many people who were six years of age would have memories of the fateful day in 1973 when Britain became a member of the European Community, or Common Market as it was known then.  […]