Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Branch currently meet in Gloucester.


UKIP members debate Brexit at Cheltenham’s Exmouth Arms hosted by ITV News At Ten

UKIP members from Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury branch hit the News At Ten in mid-March as ITV came to Cheltenham. The television crew, who were in town for the Cheltenham races, gathered a group of Leave and Remain voters to watch the meaningful vote which took place in the House of Commons on 12th March.

Richard Ford, branch and regional Chairman, and social media officer Rachel Fraser were joined by Reece Coombes, south west Chairman of UKIP’s Young Independents, who travelled from Somerset.

Exmouth Arms interview
UKIP members at the ITV evening in Cheltenham

The evening took place in the Exmouth Arms on Cheltenham’s Bath Road, where a big screen was set up and refreshments provided. The vote – on Teresa May’s withdrawal agreement – was watched anxiously by all, and the relief when the agreement was rejected seemed general. Individual interviews by the television crew followed, which led into a general discussion on Brexit. As you can imagine, a frank exchange of views took place between Leave and Remain, but the atmosphere remained respectful, and all parties were able to express their opinions. Leavers were represented by the three UKIP members and one Conservative, and the UKIP members were all pleased to have their views included in the final edit which hit televisions across the nation. Watch a clip.

Exmouth Arms ITV
UKIP behind the scenes with ITV at the Exmouth Arms, Cheltenham