Daniel Woolf: My Vision For Gloucester

Warehouses around Gloucester Docks at Night

By Daniel Woolf – UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Gloucester.

If elected by the people of Gloucester on Thursday 8th June, my number 1 priority will be to give them the true representation which they have been lacking for decades.

I am a Gloucester boy through and through. I grew up and was schooled in this city – unlike the last Conservative MP who was parachuted in from the Cotswolds and the last Labour MP who was parachuted in from London.

Gloucester people know Gloucester problems – there’s such a lot to be done as a result of the neglect of our city over many decades by the shameful Labour/Conservative duopoly.

I will fight :-

  • For a proper Railway Station and railway connections for Gloucester.


  • To ensure that Gloucester’s young people are not displaced from Gloucester’s schools by their peers bussed in from elsewhere in the county.


  • To make sure that there is proper social care provision for all of our vulnerable and elderly.


  • To tackle homelessness in our city so that none of our fellow citizens – especially military veterans – have to sleep rough.


  • To ensure that Gloucester no longer plays second fiddle to Cheltenham and plays its full part on the national stage – this has been woefully lacking under both Conservative and Labour MPs.


  • To make sure that businesses in our beautiful city centre are fully supported and not adversely affected by the development of the Docks – Gloucester is ONE city.


  • For a full Brexit to ensure that people’s access to work, decent wages, housing, schooling and healthcare do not continue to be adversely impacted by the unlimited low skilled immigration which has been condoned and promoted by both the Labour and Conservative parties for so many years.

Gloucester has been a rebel city ever since the English Civil War – let’s rebel against today’s established elites of both Labour and Conservative and send a UKIP MP to Westminster to represent our city, rather than just more of the same old, same old.

Unlike these tired old establishment parties, UKIP does not operate a parliamentary whipping system. So unlike my Labour and Conservative opponents, if you elect me as your MP I will at all times be able to vote solely with the best interests of our city at heart, and not simply be forced to toe the party line.