Education and Training

It is a matter of huge concern that the state education system continues to turn out large numbers of our children who are basically unable to read and write and do basic maths.
To address this, UKIP would propose the following:
1 Teachers should be freed from bureaucratic assessment and appraisal to concentrate on teaching the basics.
2 Encourage the establishment of new grammar schools which are a proven source of mobility for working class children.
3 Push for a range of different types of schools, including technical, vocational, general and specialist secondary schools within a geographical area. This will cater to a wide range of skills and aptitudes amongst our children.
4 Waive tuition fees for further and higher education subjects vital to our national economic interests, such as science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine. This would be dependant upon graduates committing to working for at least five years in the UK after graduating.
5 Support real trade apprenticeships and apprentice degree courses.
6 Drop the ludicrous artificial target established by Tony Blair of 50% of youngsters going to university.
7 Oppose gender confusion ideologies and the implementation of compulsory LGBT inclusive relationship education in primary schools due to be introduced from September 2019.

In a post Brexit world, our education system must once again produce a workforce fit for a brave new trading world.

Only UKIP has the ideas and the drive to deliver the comprehensive change required