Branch News:

As you are all probably aware UKIP are taking a turn for the better as people are beginning to realize that we are being sold down the river on Brexit. We are the only party that has the welfare of the British people and the state of the United Kingdom foremost in our plans for a greater Britain. We are perfectly capable, being an island race, to look after ourselves and it would be wonderful to be able to buy from wherever we want, from whomsoever we please. To trade with the wide world and not have to kowtow to a bunch of un-elected bureaucrats from Brussels.

But enough of my tirade, sometimes you just have to have a moan, UKIP in the Forest of Dean is doing extremely well, we have five councillors on the District Council and two of those are in the ‘rainbow’ Cabinet and it looks as if common sense is being used at last, the Council’s monetary allocation from Westminster is being eroded with every year that passes, and Council’s are having to fund all the services, which we take for granted, off their own backs, investments are being looked into to give the Council an income so that they can keep the Council Tax from getting much higher. This Cabinet, with its, sensible and right – thinking team are doing much to repair the doldrum years of the last, dare I say it? Tory Cabinets, who appeared to think nothing for their district and took no steps to provide for when, at last, Westminster stop the monetary allocation completely. I think the UKIP councillors can feel proud of themselves for turning what was a dying and ragged regime into a working and viable proposition.

Gerard Batten, our leader, is going to pay the Forest of Dean a visit on 22nd February and will be talking to us at Parkend Working Men’s Club in the evening, the entrance will be £5 per person and membership cards will have to be shown. So please put this in your diaries so that we can give Gerard the warm welcome that he deserves for turning the party round after the Chairman.

After the appalling mess that we had from the time Nigel Farage left us in the lurch to the time that Gerard took up the reins. Hopefully see you there, it should be a good evening.