“Glostays” – Gloucester’s Sore Losers

It has been an interesting few days. We discovered that key investors had pulled out of the King’s Walk redevelopment citing uncertainty caused by Brexit as their reason, yet  we also found out that plans have been approved for a new 4,000 seater stadium which is to be built for Gloucester City, as well as for  the new flagship superstore in the Quays in which  Next have enough confidence to invest many millions of pounds.
Do Gloucester City and Next know something that the reticent King’s Walk investor does not, or as with so many things at the moment was Brexit simply a convenient scapegoat ?
Indeed, the Remain camp seem to be trying to transform the pre Referendum Project Fear into the post Referendum Brexit Blues. When are these people going to accept the Referendum result and stop talking this country down? There has been no capital flight, unemployment is reducing, major firms are not relocating from the City of London, the promised Armageddon has not happened and I have not encountered the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse thundering down the Gate Streets, or indeed anywhere else for that matter.
What I did see next to the UKIP Gloucester stand in Northgate Street on Gloucester Day was an organisation called Glostays, which seemed to be composed largely of supporters of the Liberal Democrat and Green parties.  This organisation was calling for a re-run of the Referendum  on the grounds that they didn’t agree with the result, that 52% was not “really” a majority and various other nebulous  flights of fancy arrived at by means of convoluted mental somersaults and self delusion.
That the Liberal Democrats should be seeking to overturn the largest ever act of direct democracy in British Constitutional history in such a cavalier fashion shows them to be neither liberal nor democratic, and I suggest that they change their name accordingly. The Sore Losers’ Party might be more appropriate.
As for the erstwhile Lib Dem Leader Lord Paddy Ashdown stating that all Leave voters were like brownshirted Nazi  Stormtroopers, and the newly elected  co-Leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley calling members of UKIP “fascists” I can only retort that the  true Nazis and fascists are those who refuse to accept the democratic verdict of the British people as expressed in a free and fair Referendum.
This lack of acceptance of the Referendum result is not confined to minority parties such as the Lib Dems and the Greens, however. Even the two major parties are at it — Labour leadership contender Owen Smith has clearly stated on BBC Question Time that if elected Labour Leader he would ignore the Referendum result !  Moreover Gloucester’s Conservative MP and prominent Remain Campaigner Richard Graham opined in the debate on Exiting the EU which took place in the House of Commons on 5 th  September that Theresa May “should not rush into triggering Article 50”.
Long may it all continue. The people of Gloucester are not impressed by sore losers and by those who constantly seek to run our country down. Gloucester voted overwhelmingly for Brexit with a majority of 58.5% , one of the best results in the county. As the number of ordinary citizens who came up to the UKIP Gloucester stand on Gloucester Day to complain about  Glostays will testify, these people are the best of Recruiting Sergeants for UKIP and for Brexit.
I wish Glostays every success.