Here’s why you should vote for Simon Collins in Podsmead on 25th July

Simon Collins recently took over as Chairman of UKIP’s Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury branch. He is our candidate in Podsmead in the Gloucester City Council by-election on 25th May.

His work as a mortgage advisor keeps him in touch with the public and the real issues faced by ordinary people. One of the most rewarding parts of his job is helping vulnerable adults solve their financial problems.

Simon is concerned about the most needy in society, saying, ‘more help is desperately needed for those who are homeless.’ He believes priority in local housing should be given to local people and to veterans. He also wants our green spaces to be protected, and believes developing brownfield land can help here.

Reducing excessively high salaries and marketing budgets on local councils is important to Simon: not only does council tax need to be controlled, but also councils should be spending on services for local people.

For Simon, local businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, often giving young people their first jobs, and he is keen to protect and promote the small business community.

Add to all this the policies that UKIP stands for nationally: UKIP is working for a complete withdrawal from the European Union, the introduction of properly controlled and limited immigration, and economic policies that produce jobs, homes and a decent standard of living for all.