It’s Time to drain the Swamp

drain the swamp

In 2016 Donald Trump won an election by promising to “Drain the Swamp”. “What,” people asked, “is the swamp?”

Well the answer, for this country at least, has become abundantly clear, it is civil servants based here and in Brussels, answerable to no-one, who think they know better than you or me how to manage our own lives. They tell our so called elected representatives what to do and how to do it; I always understood that in a democracy the elected body told the employees what to do, not the other way round. They are sucking the life blood out of this country, no wonder we hear an increasing number of people referring to them as the civil serpents. Whatever happened to government of the people, by the people, for the people?

They “advise” government on the advantages and disadvantages of methods of leaving the European Union; does anyone consider how much power the civil service would lose if we were to achieve a clean break from Brussels? MPs and Councillors have to make entry in the Register of Members Interests, do civil servants have a similar code of conduct? Who checks that they are not “in it for themselves”? It’s time we started to elect MPs and Councillors who will ask questions when civil servants tell them what to do and how to do it and unfortunately we no longer find those good men and women in the old establishment parties.

It suits the Swamp to claim that people or political parties are left or right wing when, in reality they are either totalitarian, for the power of the state or the freedom of the individual. They tell us that Communism and Fascism are the two extremes. Really? Take a closer look, it will show them to be almost identical in believing that the state knows best and for all the undoubted evils of Hitler, Franco and Mussolini – and we would never make any excuses for any of them – the question must be asked “who murdered more people, them or the communists, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc? It is estimated that communist China murdered approximately 10 million more than Nazi Germany but is that ever reported on the BBC or taught in our schools and universities? Of course not, it doesn’t fit the narrative.

The old parties are letting the people down:

The LibDems are so besotted with the EU they would sell their soul to keep us in and let’s be honest what else do they stand for? Do they know? Even their name is a misnomer, according to the dictionary a liberal is “willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own” and a democrat is an advocate or supporter of democracy e.g. “as a democrat, I accepted the outcome of the referendum.”

Labour and the Trades Unions claim to represent the interests of “the working class” but it is these very people who are most disadvantaged by low paid migrants from the EU taking low skilled jobs and putting our own people on the dole. They think they know best and can organise people’s lives for them; isn’t it better to give people the chance to care for themselves with a back up available for the few who are unable to do so?

The Tories used to be the party of freedom. Not any more. They are almost as deep in the swamp as the other two, they have finally lost the trust and goodwill of the people by stabbing 17.4 million of them in the back, they will never be forgiven. They are also the party that claims to be strong on law and order plus the defence of the realm, how is that compatible with persecuting our own troops and failing dismally to control knife crime amongst our young people?

There is now a gaping hole at the centre of our democracy and until we drain the swamp it will just get worse. No party or political system is perfect but UKIP is fighting for the ordinary man and woman be they a labourer or a professional, we all need to earn a living and the opportunities should be fair for all.


  1. Spot on John. Well put and concise, but, how do we get that message out to the wider community?

    • Share this post and others like it, we all know that most of the mainstream media will avoid rocking the boat.

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