Letter to Editor: Blukip & Purple Momentum

Letter to the Editor of the Gloucestershire Citizen from Richard Ford, Chairman UKIP Gloucester


Dear Madam,

I was somewhat astonished to learn that Anna Soubry MP and her two Parliamentary colleagues Sarah Woollaston and Heidi Allen have ascribed a large part of the motivation for them leaving the Conservative Party and sitting under different political colours to infiltration of Conservative Associations up and down the country by a so called “Blukip” or “Purple Momentum”.

In addition to the fact that these champions of a People’s Vote have not seen fit to allow their own constituents a “final say” by forcing by elections, as is also the case with Chuka Umunna and their fellow Labour defectors, this assertion ranks as unbelievable self delusion and hypocrisy.

What world are Ms Soubry and her ex Conservative and ex Labour Colleagues living in?

The fact of the matter is that in the 2017 General Election very many Leave voters in Gloucester and elsewhere lent their votes to the Conservatives in the mistaken belief that the Conservatives could be trusted to implement the result of the 2016 EU Referendum. After all such a commitment was expressly given in the 2017 Conservative Manifesto, (as indeed it was in the 2017 Labour Manifesto.)

Even prominent Remain campaigners such as Gloucester MP Richard Graham fought and were elected on this 2017 Conservative manifesto, despite the fact that Gloucester had voted Leave by a substantial margin just one year earlier.

I feel certain that the Leave voters of Gloucester will not repeat their mistake by trusting the Conservative Party again at the next General Election – once bitten, twice shy.

The reason for the current Brexit deadlock is that we have a House of Commons full of Remain MPs who, as is the case with Gloucester’s MP, do not reflect the views of their Leave constituents.

This situation has been caused by the continued use of the dysfunctional 19th Century first past the post voting system, which both Conservative and Labour exploit brazenly to their advantage, to the exclusion of all other points of view, be they LibDem, Green, UKIP or anything else.

Unless and until this situation is addressed and resolved we shall continue to see Parliamentary deadlock of the kind which we have experienced in recent months.

As regards the fictitious Blukip and Purple Momentum – alleged to be UKIP supporters secretly joining the Conservative Party to deselect Remain Conservative MPs such as Gloucester’s Richard Graham —  I would simply say this.

There is only one political party 100% committed to Brexit in Gloucester and in the rest of the country, and that is UKIP. UKIP supporters are not so daft as to put money into the Conservative Party by joining an organisation which has repeatedly shown that it is betraying Brexit.

On the contrary I would urge all Leave voting Conservative (and Labour) supporters throughout Gloucester and Gloucestershire to join and vote UKIP to be sure that their vote and their support will not be misplaced and will be put towards backing Brexit and backing Britain.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Ford

Chairman UKIP Gloucester

UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Gloucester


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  1. And it appears that Sarah Woolaston, one of the Tory defectors, actually supported a Bill to make a by-election compulsory when an MP leaves the Party for which they were elected.

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