Letter to Editor – Can You Ever Trust A Tory?


A letter to the Editor of the Gloucester Citizen from Richard Ford, UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Gloucester

Dear Madam,

At the most recent General Election in 2017 Gloucester’s Conservative MP Richard Graham appealed to the city’s electorate to vote for him so that his party could provide “strong and stable” government and protect Britain from a “coalition of chaos”.

People trusted him, and trusted the promise in the Conservative manifesto to respect the Referendum result and to implement Brexit. On this basis Richard Graham increased his share of the vote and was duly sent back by the voters of Gloucester to represent them in Westminster.

What has happened since then? For starters the Conservatives entered a coalition with the DUP in the guise of the confidence and supply arrangement which saw voters in Gloucester and the rest of the UK forced to hand over £1 billion to Northern Ireland as the price for Theresa May’s very own “coalition of chaos”.

This money could have so been much better spent on funding the police force – but then ludicrously May has stated that there is no correlation between police numbers and crime. An unbelievable statement for a former long serving Home Secretary and one which has been countermanded by every police chief in the country. And this from the so called party of law and order!

Then we find that in the course of the incompetently conducted Brexit “negotiations” the Tories – as the so called party of business and economy – tried to charter ferries from a company that doesn’t even own a single one, resulting in the Government being forced to pay millions of pounds in damages for not adhering properly to its own procurement process!

Is this “strong and stable Government”? Is this the most incompetent Government in British history? Will anyone ever trust the Tories ever again?

Yours faithfully,

Richard Ford

UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Gloucester