Letter to the Gloucester Citizen from UKIP’s John Owen


Dear Editor,

Deselect Remain Supporting Gloucester MP

Observing that Dominic Grieve, the former Attorney General and Conservative MP for Beaconsfield, is facing deselection after suffering a vote of no confidence from his local constituency party makes me, as a former Conservative Party Agent for Gloucester, wonder when Gloucester Conservatives will deselect Gloucester MP Richard Graham, who has done little or nothing to actually represent the views of the 58.5% majority of his constituents who voted to Leave.

Mr Graham has slavishly followed Theresa May’s disastrous lead and has fully supported the Prime Minister’s appalling so called “deal”. Indeed, on one occasion, according to the Daily Telegraph, he even voted for Dominic Grieve’s Brexit-wrecking amendment!

These are not the actions of a man who is determined to give voice to the views of his Gloucester constituents as so clearly expressed at the ballot box in the 2016 EU Referendum.

Richard Graham will no doubt claim that an MP is simply the representative of his constituents and not their delegate – however when the vast majority of 544 MPs voted to give the decision on continued EU membership to the people in a Referendum, the result of that vote then became a mandate which MPs must surely follow – especially in the case of a constituency which voted overwhelmingly to Leave, as is the case here in Gloucester.

The question posed at the Referendum  was whether the United Kingdom should remain a member of or leave the European Union. There was no mention of a “deal”.  Indeed, at the time the then Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron stated quite categorically that this was an In/Out Referendum, and that the final decision lay with the people.

Despite Cameron spending £9 million of our money in trying to fool us into voting Remain a 17.4 million majority still voted to Leave.

I know that the Conservative Party is no longer the democratic body which it once was, largely thanks to Mr Cameron’s centralisation of the party, which has prevented local Conservative Associations from exercising their once treasured independence.

However in Gloucester as elsewhere local Conservative Associations do still have the power to move a vote of No Confidence in their MP.

Given prominent Remain supporter Richard Graham’s appalling voting record in defiance of his Leave voting constituency – and without any doubt in defiance of many Gloucester Conservative Association members as well – coupled with his blatant disregard of the clear manifesto commitment to implement the Referendum result which he gave and upon which he was re-elected at the 2017 General Election, Gloucester Conservatives should now follow the lead of their colleagues in Beaconsfield and move a vote of No Confidence in Mr Graham both as a Conservative Candidate and as their MP.

Yours sincerely

John Owen

Barnwood, Gloucester


  1. In the dim and distant past when I was a Conservative Councillor, we had an agent called John Owen. Is this the same gentleman?

    • I would imagine so Mike, I can’t see there being two agents with the same name, Which ward did you represent?

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