LibLabCon Politicise the Remembrance Day Service at Gloucester Cenotaph

UKIP Wreath at Gloucester Cenotaph
UKIP Wreath at Gloucester Cenotaph

On Sunday 11 November Richard Ford, UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Gloucester arrived at the Gloucester Cenotaph carrying a wreath on behalf of Dr Julia Reid

MEP for Gloucester who was indisposed following a fall. He was carrying a letter of authority from the MEP to lay the wreath on her behalf and the Royal British Legion were happy for him to stand with the representatives of the other registered political parties.

When the remain supporting MP for Gloucester, and the Tory Leader of Gloucester City Council arrived a quick conversation between the political representatives resulted in Richard being escorted to another area to stand amongst the voluntary groups. These arrogant plastic politicians are obviously unaware of the massive support UKIP receives from former military personnel, either that or they are so full of their own self importance that they believe they can treat others with contempt.

Clearly the MP and leaders of the LibLabCon did not want to be photographed standing with a UKIP representative, they are attempting to treat UKIP in the same way they used to treat Sinn Fein and the IRA, by starving the party of the oxygen of publicity. They don’t appear to understand that UKIP is a legitimate political party, registered with the Electoral Commission and the only party, other than Labour or Conservative, to have won a national election since WWI.

They appear to believe their own myth that UKIP is an extremist organisation when nothing could be further from the truth, UKIP has members who have been lifelong Tory or Labour supporters until they saw the contempt these parties have for the views of ordinary people, it has members who are Lords of the Realm and members who do basic low paid manual work. Unlike the LibLabCon UKIP fights for the rights of ordinary people against the power of the State, the swamp that is trying to suck everyone into accepting total state control as dictated by the European Union and blindly accepted by the plastic politicians who inhabit Westminster and our Local Authorities doing the bidding of their masters in the Civil Service.

This was a disgraceful politicisation of a solemn act of remembrance and the politicians involved brought disgrace on themselves and their parties.

For the benefit of our readers who are concerned by the recent attempted sell out by Britain’s dreadful Prime Minister we would recommend reading the work of Dr Vernon Coleman who was a regular contributor on the BBC until he spoke out against the EU.