Local Elections in Gloucestershire


UKIP Gloucestershire members are looking forward to campaigning for the local elections to be held on 2 May. A vote for your UKIP councillor is an excellent way to express dissatisfaction with the major political parties, and with the government’s mishandling of Brexit. And though UKIP has always been driven by its key national objective of independence from the European Union, its local policies reflect a party that stands up for the ordinary person against big business, big government and big bureaucracy.

Our two-page local elections manifesto outlines policies for keeping council tax low while protecting essential services, protecting green spaces by developing brownfield sites, developing opportunities for young people in vocational training, promoting small and medium-sized businesses, caring for our veterans, cutting high-wage costs in councils and NHS management, and increasing democracy in local politics by introducing referenda for important local issues.

Download our Local Manifesto