A Message from the Outgoing Party Chairman – Paul Oakden



Results of the UKIP EGM on Saturday 17 February 2018
Over 1500 UKIP members came to Birmingham yesterday to participate in the EGM. Those who came heard speeches from Henry Bolton, the NEC and a number of grassroots members.

Once those speeches had concluded, a closed ballot took place. There were two options on the ballot paper. They were:
· I support the Motion of No Confidence in Henry Bolton
(Henry Bolton should be removed as Leader)
· I oppose the Motion of No Confidence in Henry Bolton
(Henry Bolton should remain as Leader)
1367 valid ballots were cast. I can confirm the result was as follows:
· Votes cast by those who supported the motion of no confidence – 867 (63%)
· Votes cast by those who opposed the motion of no confidence – 500 (37%)
As a result, Henry Bolton has been removed as the Leader of UKIP.
Immediately after the vote had been announced, the NEC met briefly to confirm Gerard Batten as the new Interim Leader. A week tomorrow, on Monday 26th February, Gerard and the NEC will hold their first meeting to finalise plans for a fresh leadership election. That election is required to take place within 90 days and further details will be emailed to members once the details have been confirmed.
On that same Monday, Gerard will also confirm his new appointments, including that of Party Chairman. I’m sure that they too will be announced soon afterwards.
We wish Gerard every success in the role and place in him our hopes for stability and forward momentum as we gear up for crucial local elections.
I also think it important to wish Henry Bolton well for the future, and to thank him for his efforts during his time as Leader. As an increasing number of people are finding out, it isn’t easy to lead our great party but those who have should always have our respect for having been prepared to put their heads above the parapet.
Finally, I want to thank those members who attended yesterday, for ensuring we had such an orderly meeting. I was told by a journalist that many in the media had travelled to Birmingham, certain that they would witness chaos – they didn’t. Whilst the meeting took longer than had been anticipated, it ran smoothly and without real incident. Members in attendance did the party proud – again!
What was regrettable, was that the current constitution did not allow for a national ballot of members in taking the decision made yesterday. Clearly that would have been a far more desirable process. However, I was heartened by hearing both Henry and the NEC confirm during the debate that they would revisit the constitution as a matter of urgency post EGM if they were successful.

I have every faith in the NEC to now deliver on that commitment – it’s badly needed.

As I now prepare to hand over the Chairmanship to a successor, I have a final request to make of you all. Please, keep the faith and let’s stick together – UKIP is worth it and Britain needs it

Kind Regards

Paul Oakden

Paul Oakden

Outgoing Party Chairman

P.S – Please note that you can continue to write to me on paul.oakden@ukip.org. I’m always delighted to hear from you