All it needs to leave the EU is Confidence

In years past a leading toothpaste manufacturer used to advertise its product with the slogan: ‘A ring of confidence’.  Although the EU has its ring of gold stars on a blue background, it has undermined the confidence of the UK to govern itself, which is the message put out by Lord Lawson when speaking at a dinner organised by the Institute for Economic Affairs during April.

Lord Lawson,  who was the Chancellor of Exchequer in Margaret Thatcher’s  Government in the days when he was Nigel Lawson,  said that Britain needed to have the confidence to leave the European Union and stand on its own in the world.  In his opinion the self-confidence the people and Government’s had in the UK was lost when Mrs Thatcher left Number 10 Downing Street.

He compared the EU to a child’s comfort blanket which, if we had the courage to let go, would help this nation prosper once out of the grip of the EU.  He said at the dinner: “We need a revival of self-confidence.” “One of the most important things that a Thatcher Government did was change the mood of the nation to give it back its confidence.  This clutching hold of the EU is a sign of a lack of national self-confidence, which is not healthy”.
When a person of such political stature, who has held high office in Government, says it is time to quit the European Union all in high office today should have the confidence to listen, take note and act.  If the people have the confidence to leave, as they are showing by their support for the antiEU,

UK Independence Party, then it is time for David Cameron, Nick Clegg and all other politicians to have the confidence to follow and take the nation from the dark starry night of EU membership into the sunshine of freedom and democracy.

Photo by marsmet548