Open Letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg from UKIP’s Ernie Blaber

An open letter to the press from UKIP’s Ernie Blaber to Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP for North East Somerset. Ernie stood against Jacob in the 2015 General Election.

Dear Jacob,

This letter is one I never thought I’d have to write to you. When first we
met I was impressed by a man who demonstrated clearly defined principles
of duty, honour and personal integrity. A view I know was shared by many
throughout the UK.

During the past four years I have extolled your virtues to all and sundry,
be it family, friends, and at events such as luncheons, formal dinners,
and casual bar talk. Where ever and whenever.

I refuted polite suggestions such as, perhaps I am naive, to other more
extreme comments that you deserve to have your head punched. My defence of
you until a few days ago was unequivocal.

Sadly, your support of PM May’s WA has shown me to be foolish, and I will
copy this e mail to all those with whom I argued in your defence, for
failing to see the ‘forest for the trees.’ because you have clearly put
party before country. You said to Robert Peston on ITN last week that if
the DUP voted against the WA, so would you. But I should have been
suspicious of your intent when you repeated to Robert Peston something
you’d said to me some years ago, i.e. you are a Tory to your very marrow.

Your Volte Face about the Withdrawal Agreement in just a few days is
staggeringly hypocritical. Thank goodness there are other Conservative MPs
with backbone and strength of character to put country before party.

Perhaps the most withering put-down I have received is from my wife, who
said, and I quote ‘what did you expect? He is a politician.’ POLITICIAN!
An epithet spoken with vigour and dripping with contempt about the present
incumbents infesting the HoC.

I am going to forward this e mail to our local press and apologise to UKIP
supporters for not opposing you during the 2017 election.

A bitter, but wiser constituent.

Yours sincerely

Ernie Blaber.