Project Fear from the Little Europeans

“Brexit means uncertainty” reads the Remain scare tactic handbook. Isn’t that an odd argument? The only way we can have any certainty about our future is to be in control of our own destiny. The real uncertainty comes from entrusting our future to EU elites.
Remainers like to pretend we don’t know what life outside the EU looks like. Anyone would think Britain had never been an independent country before. Brexit means we continue to trade with the EU, but we are no longer governed by the EU. That’s hardly a leap into the unknown.

What we actually don’t know is what life inside the EU is going to look like. Over the last 40 years, the EU has transformed from a common market into a political union. In the last 20, it has introduced its own currency and incorporated Eastern Europe. In the last 10, it has introduced its own constitution, president, and foreign minister. Who knows what will it look like in another 40 years?

The likelihood is there will be more integration and more members. The PM’s EU deal – if it is ever implemented – would bind Britain not to oppose more economic integration in the Eurozone. The EU’s new deal with Turkey – allowing visa-free European travel to 75 million Turkish citizens – paves the way for Turkish membership. What else could be on the horizon? And what would it mean for us? We really don’t know.

As long as the EU controls our borders, our laws, or our trade policy, we can’t possibly know what they will look like. So if you want certainty, there’s only one option: vote Leave, and take back control.

Project Fear 2

If we leave the EU we won’t have any influence – we don’t have any influence anyway. Unelected Commissioners make all the decisions; MEP’s merely debate. Even under Cameron’s hard won concession we would have to get 55% of member nations to agree with us and how likely is that? Outside the EU we would have more influence at global tables than the EU has now.

So come on people of Great Britain , let’s get our country back. Vote out out out!!