Social Housing

The Government has finally published its Green Paper on social housing, outlining measures aimed at improving access to affordable housing.

I thoroughly support their decision to abandon proposals to sell off the most valuable social housing when properties became vacant. However, the rest of their plans were unbelievably unambitious. None of the measures advocated match the scale of the housing crisis and once more there was no new investment.

There is a desperate need to reverse the decline in council housing over the past few decades. The loss of social housing means that we are spending vast amounts on housing benefits to supplement expensive rents instead of investing in genuinely affordable homes.

It is essential that the Conservative Government goes beyond these limited measures. I would like to see the scrapping of the housing borrowing cap to enable Councils across Britain to borrow to build again. This would trigger a renaissance in Council house building that will assist people to access genuinely affordable housing.

In addition, I would like to see Councils able to set Right to Buy discounts locally and keep 100% of receipts from houses sold to help pay for building replacement homes.

So, one out of ten for the Social Housing Green Paper. No urgency, no ideas, no new money and no hope for our people.

Richard Leppington
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Richard is the District Councillor for the Bream Ward on the Forest of Dean District Council and a member of the Cabinet