South West MEP candidate profile: Tony McIntyre

Tony McIntyre, one of UKIP's South West MEP candidates

Tony McIntyre has been with UKIP for many years, and is a much liked figure in the party. We asked him why he is standing in the European elections. Here’s what he said:

“I decided to put myself forward as a candidate for the European Elections when I realised that the current government were hell bent on making sure that Brexit would never happen. Those in Westminster decided that they knew better than the rest of the population and that those who had the temerity to vote for Leave in the referendum were either disillusioned, lacking in intelligence or badly informed. I found, and still do find this attitude offensive.

Through the incompetence of the current government and the incompetence of the elected leaders of our country we have been forced, as a nation, to take part in this meaningless charade of an election. However, to refuse to stand candidates UKIP would be offering an open goal to those who want to remain in the EU, and the chance of making a statement of my discontent at the present situation would be missed.

I have been a member of UKIP for 12 years and have held positions in the party from branch Treasurer to National Chairman. It has been a fun ride where I have met some fascinating people along the way. I felt another challenge would not do me any harm.”

Tony is number three on the South West candidates’ list.