UKIP set to Adopt Parliamentary Candidate for Cheltenham



After an absence last time UKIP will be contesting the Cheltenham Constituency at the next General Election.

A Parliamentary Hustings at which local members will vote on the adoption of a Parliamentary candidate to take on the duo of Alex Chalk and Max Wilkinson will be held on Thursday 9 th August.

The Eurosceptic party did not field a candidate in Cheltenham in the snap 2017 General Election, and it was represented in the 2015 General Election by well known local resident and businesswoman Christina Simmonds.

Commented Richard Ford, the Chairman of UKIP Gloucestershire :- “I am delighted to announce that UKIP will once more be contesting Cheltenham at the next General Election, and that we are currently in the process of adopting a Parliamentary Candidate to represent the town.

Now more than ever it is so important to give voters in Cheltenham a proper choice, other than that between Remainer LibDem Max Wilkinson and Tory Remainer and LibDemLite Alex Chalk, who are frankly like two peas in the same pod in that their views are so very similar.

UKIP will be standing the only BREXIT candidate in the constituency, as in addition to the LibDems and Tories the Labour and Green candidates will also be for Remain.

We have been approached by many Cheltenham residents who were frustrated by the lack of a UKIP candidate in last year’s General Election, and have also been contacted by many former Conservative and Labour voters who have lost patience with the two large parties, in particular with Theresa May and with her lack of progress towards Brexit over more than two years.

Both Theresa May and Cheltenham MP Alex Chalk were of course prominent supporters of Remain at the 2016 EU Referendum.

UKIP will be the only party 100% committed to Leave standing in Cheltenham, and we urge all Cheltenham voters, whichever party they may have previously supported, to join the UKIP candidate in backing Brexit and backing Britain. ”

The UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Cheltenham will be announced directly after the Adoption Meeting on Thursday
9 th August.