Who Should Vote UKIP

As technology moves forward there will be less need for unskilled labour, low wage jobs are very often subsidised with top ups such as Working Tax Credit etc., with the workers taking more from the system than they contribute.

As time goes on the unskilled/low paid workers that have migrated into the country will still be here needing more medical, social care and pension payments. A plan needs to be made to reduce the low paid and unskilled workforce to prevent the problem which will only be a short time into the future, a further legacy that will need to be sorted out by our children.


Who Should Vote UKIP

  1. People who believe that the principle of national interest is of the utmost importance – from the very big questions and problems to the small but more annoying problems that occur in our back yards, so to speak.
  2. People who believe in free speech, not to ridicule or offend others out of spite but to bring difficult problems and awkward subjects out into the open with an aim to make things better.
  3. Upholding British values and traditions while being tolerant of others if they are compatible with the British way of life and not to allow incompatible beliefs and practices, such as Sheira Law, FGM, child brides and male domination, non-conformity shows unsuitability to live in Britain.
  4. British citizenship should be an honour and a privilege and treated as such, to uphold British laws and live an honest lifestyle, failure to do so should result in loss of citizenship and deportation.
  5. To respect and protect the environment in which we live, to aim for maximum sustainability. Leaving the earth a better place for future generations. Not overfishing the seas, not constantly turning arable land and forests into more and more houses to accommodate the uncontrolled immigration.
  6. Restrict the influx of low wage or unskilled labour into the country – it will result in short term profit for companies – long term debt for the country.
  7. Believe in common sense. Let it prevail.

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