Will Gloucester Tories do the Honourable Thing?

The Daily Telegraph Chief Political Correspondent reported (15 February) that Gloucester’s Tory MP supported Dominic Grieve’s Brexit-wrecking amendment in the House of Commons, which was thankfully defeated.

Did he really think his constituents would not discover his treachery? We all know he supported Remain at the Referendum which he had every right to do but once he saw the massive majority for Leave in Gloucester any honourable person would have wholeheartedly sought to get this country out of the clutches of the anti democratic European Union as soon as possible. He has made a few comments about working for Brexit but actions speak louder than words and voting for this amendment can only be construed as working against the express wishes of his constituents.

The Tory Party used to be respected for its moral values and its internal democracy, well it’s time for Gloucester Conservatives to stand up and be counted, this man is clearly unfit to represent the good people of this great City, are you willing to move a motion of no confidence in him at your forthcoming AGM?

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